Rob Savage is a multi-award winning writer/director and 2013 Screen International Star of Tomorrow, working in shorts, features and commercials. He wrote, directed, shot, co-produced and edited micro-budget feature film Strings at age 18, which has screened at a number of prestigious International Festivals around the world, including Raindance for its UK premiere and the Rome Film Festival for its European. The film has been acquired for release by Vertigo Films and won the "Independent Spirit" award at the British Independent Film Awards.

Rob is a Berlinale Talents and Edinburgh Talent Campus alumnus and has won a number of awards for his short films at festivals including the London Short Film Festival, and was the recipient of the BFI Future Film Award 2011. Rob is currently in pre-production on his second feature film, psychological horror "Seaholme", with Salon Pictures.


Jed Shepherd straddles the line between writer and record label owner. POST/POP Records is the most exciting little label to come out of the UK for years. Profiled in Forbes Magazine in 2016, Jed promises to push his lifelong obsession with horror movies onto everything he does. 

Jed is known for writing the cult movie 'Slashed' which features acting performances from Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland from Coldplay, Moby, Ben Kweller, ASH, James Nesbitt and a host of other celebrity cameos. Jed is also involved in the Birdemic franchise as producer, but asks not to hold that against him.


Douglas Cox founded London-based independent production company Shadowhouse Films in 2014, with a slate of predominantly genre-based short films that have screened internationally at festivals across the globe, alongside award-winning music video's and large scale cross-media events, they proudly champion exiting new filmmakers and love to both create and celebrate film.

"Working with Rob and Jed on Dawn of the Deaf was a joy, delving into such an original concept with two true horror fans was a treat and the development of the film was incredibly organic, especially after Samuel joined the team as a consultant.  The attitude our crew brought to the production was basically what saw us through, there were some potential logistical nightmares involved, in particular one scene we filmed in a subway that shouldn't have been possible, except we'd already cultivated an attitude where 'impossible' was nowhere near our vocabulary and so we planned it out meticulously, turned up on the day and made it work!  I think everyone involved in the film will admit to being incredibly proud of what we've achieved and it's a real testament to their hard work and commitment that the final film is what it is."

Samuel dore - bts still photographer and british sign language (bsl) consultant

Samuel Dore is a filmmaker who works in different areas of the media, particularly in writing and directing fantasy dramas, including his award-winning short films Supersonic (2014) and Chasing Cotton Clouds (2009). Samuel is also a graphic designer as well as a photographer with a keen interest in unit stills photography, a talent he brought to the production, resulting in all of the fantastic behind-the-scenes photo’s that are circulating under the moniker ‘Busteardrum’. He is often asked to consult on short and feature films that incorporates Deaf culture and sign language and isn’t shy about the fact he’s a huge film buff, having been raised on a diet of 80’s blockbusters.

 " I was honoured to be brought on board as the British Sign Language / Deaf culture consultant for Dawn of the Deaf, it meant I could indulge in my love for horror films whilst consulting and pointing out to Rob the many filmic references in his film! I was also proud to be part of a film that has great premise of putting Deaf people first and foremost as the leading characters, unlike many other mainstream films."